The Tips & Tricks of Active Wear

Over the past few years of teaching hundreds of pilates classes including mat, reformer and tower as well as gym fitness classes this blog post has been manifesting in my head. I have written a blog about this previously but felt the need to freshen it up. There are A LOT of slip ups that I have seen from pants splitting at the seams, to ta-ta’s slipping between a cute cut out to a tie up….well…not staying tied.

Here are my views on what to do / not do, when it comes to active wear and gym etiquette. You may feel the need to implement a few of these; or you may not. Just know that as the instructor we see all (even when you “take a break”) so I hope this give you a giggle.

Tips for the Workout Woman! Wear something you love.

Invest in a really good quality sports bra.

Even though we are not jumping or running; I have seen some beautiful bras that do not hold in what they are suppose to. I know those bright colored, cute cut out ones that hang in the stores are enticing but when we are in twisting and folding we still need the ta-ta’s to stay in place. However if you like the strappy and the fun then please make sure you wear a top that will hide the slip up’s when needed!

BEND AND CHECK before leaving the store.

I do mean it. Try on that fabulous pair of pants, find a well lit mirror, bend over, and check if those pants are see-through! The number of roll-like-a-ball’s or Pike’s I have seen where there is a lot more on show than posture is more than you would think.

Now as an instructor, this does not phase me.I am there to help

you work and move the body so as long as you are comfy I am happy….however there is more than just the instructor in class and if I see, then others will as well. This leads me into the next paragraph…the choice of undergarments.

Check you underwear before you wear.

I do really mean this as well!! You betcha we all know what your underwear choice is as well if your stretchy pants are a little see-through or even just light in colors (those white/tan’s). The same bend/check rule applies as above but this time check that your fabulous pattern or panty line is not showing through. There are a variety of options from full bottoms, boy-shorts, thongs, g-strings, high tops, briefs, cheeky, and hipsters so let your heart run wild while shopping. A general rule is if you are wearing rather tight pants then wearing a pair of undies with lacing, gemstones, or multi-colored edging really stands out. Pick wisely. The rules for light colors pants means light colored undies!

Now I can not stress enough – JUST WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE TO COME TO CLASS IN. These guidelines are just a bit of food for thought and just a few of the things I have seen over the years. Questions….just ask me 🙂 Go have fun picking out your favourite piece and

Let’s sweat!

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