Tea Tonic makes every sip special with maximum goodness in every cup. From health-packed herbals to bold blacks, gorgeous greens and wondrous whites, we have a tea for every taste. Plus, we’re Australian Certified Organic – so you know our tea is 100% natural. No nasties. No chemicals. Just good vibes and great flavours. Go on, treat yourself. Elevate your tea time. (from the Tea Tonic Website)

We believe that every class should be an experience – not just a workout. That means including a complimentary cup of tea at the end of your practice. 

Drinking tea after your practice can have beneficial physiological and psychological benefits. Drinking mildly caffeinated tea in the mornings can help with energy, focus, and preventing inflammation.

Drinking relaxing tea after yoga can help with rehydration, immune support, and easing back into your day.

We are VERY proud to be one of Far North Queensland’s Tea Tonic Stockists! 

What does this mean? You can buy these beautiful, naural teas directly from us. No more waiting for shipping!

It also means – you can try before you buy so you know which ones you will love and want to have at home!

Tea Tonic Available in Studio Now!