The Second Trimester Blur

The Second Trimester Blur – Weeks 13 – 26


It has been a few weeks since writing about our Pregnancy / Fertility Journey ….. and purely because the time has FLOWN by and I realised we have entered the 3rd trimester without documenting the second! So, here we go….

The picture at the top of this page shows me at 18, 22 and 25 weeks. I completely missed a photo at 26 weeks – the next one will be at 28! It’s so special to see my belly grow!

Being totally transparent – I have no idea how ladies capture the SAME photo in the SAME light every single time. Wether I am just too busy, not the right set up or I have no idea how to pose – I just can not seem to capture the same belly pictures as I see in my head. So, lesson #1 in pregnancy – JUST TAKE THE PHOTO. Otherwise, the day, the opportunity and the moment is gone.

12 – 18 Weeks 

This trimester started with the 12 week ultrasound. It was so great to see our little baby again and I was so impressed with how much it already looked like an actual baby (without all the fat that they grow). Josh was away for this ultrasound, and the next few after so I made sure to film the whole appointment so he could see and hear what I was. These videos are equally as important for me to send to my mum. Since she is still in Vancouver, Canada (home) she can not be here to share in the joys of every month. This the first grandbaby for her, and it breaks my heart she can not be here to celebrate, share and experience.

I love our OBGYN for showing us the 3D images every time and walking through everything she can see!
And this was also the moment where I began googling and searching all the items that are available for pregnant ladies to make 2nd and 3rd trimester a little easier.

Energy levels are returning – THANKFULLY. I feel more like myself this trimester – and I really felt like me again by 18 weeks. The cravings of salty and over-seas foods have settled (there was a lot of trips to the US/Canada based treat stores), and by body is back to loving good-wholesome food. In week 18 I suddenly had a baby bump which  appeared almost overnight. On one day there was nothing to see and the next day I had a small baby bump. I first thought that I would grow real big in no-time if that was the speed, but it stayed as small as it was for the following weeks. I have had a small bump since transfer, but I call that the hormone medicine bump – not a true baby belly. This was always low and squishy, which I pretended was the firmness of the uterus, when really, it was progesterone! I found this emotionally challenging to deal with, and it meant I spent a lot of time googling. I worried I was not growing like I should, I worried that I was not doing the right things to support my bump, I worried that maybe I was not growing like I should.

Hubby Josh spend most of months 4 & 5 reassuring me that I was growing, he could see the changes in by body and I was fine. There are so many moments I longed for the blood test that would tell me my hormone levels, the reminder I was actually pregnant. Over the weeks, the worry if she was actually growing turned into worry that she was not moving or I could not feel her. I really did not grow much much more of a tummy till 20 weeks, and I felt her first movements around 18. I spent a lot of our Christmas break feeling my tummy and waiting for those little kicks or “wobbles” as I called them. I can now say other than 1 weeks where her movements decreased (more later) – she has kicked, rolled, punched and wobbled multiple times a day. She is already a Pilates Baby!!

18 – 22 weeks 

These weeks saw us go through the holidays and time off work which was well needed! The photos below show the beautiful gifts given to us by a colleague at work. Her mum was a midwife and passionate about babies – they are now hanging in her closet. We spent these weeks finishing the painting, putting in the new air conditioner, hanging curtains and putting together the change table. I was running on empty, tired and fumes. I really thought with my health and strength I would sail through pregnancy – It was not till others noticed how tired I was looking I knew I needed to slow down. I could not longer push myself, my brain or by body like I have for years. I needed to tune into myself in a new way.


Then, we ended up making a trip to Bowen Hospital on Boxing Day while on vacation. I had spend most of our holiday snorkelling in the ocean, floating in the pool or taking a long walk ocean-side with my grandfather – in – law’s dog. There was also a lot of eating and sitting with family! The morning of boxing day I woke up feeling dizzy and dehydrated, I drank water and ate well but the feelings did not subside. My growing belly felt heavy but I thought nothing more than “growing pains”. My 3pm, a snorkel and lunch I had chest pain, lightheadedness, back pain, cramping and could not catch my breath for anything. We tried going for a drive in the air conditioning, I drank more water – then the dry heaves started. I knew it was time for a check up. The staff at the Bowen Hospital were AMAZING, kind and caring. Our doctor was a fellow BC Canadian from Smithers – which I actually found very comforting. Smithers is a SUPER small town in Northern BC. After a few hours and a visit from the nurse and midwife, I was given some medication and given some to take with me – off we go. I likely had braxton-hicks contractions with dehydration and over-stress on the body. This caused gastric reflux and a whole lot of discomfort – the real sign it was time to slow down!

Fun – Fact: Women experience uterine contractions throughout their entire pregnancy!! Braxton Hicks contractions can begin as early as the 20th week of pregnancy and can be very mild to severe. There contractions are simply a tightening of the uterine muscles then a relaxation. They can occur as often as every 10 to 20 minutes. Braxton Hicks contractions: Usually go away during exercise or activity. True labour pains continue or increase with activity and are felt more during rest.

The Final Month (January)

There was no way I could hide my belly anymore in these weeks. As I saw 26 weeks approach I have gained nearly 6kg – and it is at this point I have stopped weighing myself. As someone who has battled with the scales since I was 16, I felt it was time to put them away, knowing I was growing well, healthy and I did not want to start to develop an unhealthy habit. My weight gain to date I know has been in additional blood volume, breast tissue, uterine tissue, placenta, amniotic fluid, fat, protein and other nutrients. I now say Grow Baby Grow!

I still felt very good though. I only had a long period where I’d wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to go back to sleep for about an hour. So I went to bed early these weeks to still get enough sleep. I spent a lot of time listening to my Hypnobirthing tracks every evening, and started reading her a nighttime book (which will become a regular once she is born).
As the end of January approached my energy levels were wavering again, but better than they were in the first trimester. I eat smaller and more frequent meals to stay on top of potential heartburn/acid reflux. I now keep anti-acids in my back to chew when needed – yummm, and stay away from daily, heavy carbs and spices all which make me unwell.
For Now,
Love Anne & Baby W.

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