The Pregnancy Adventure (7)

Pregnant – Now What? Well that has been a HUGE question and brand new learning curve! I thought there was SO MUCH that I was not told that first day sitting in the fertility clinic – well we were discharged with as much ferocity. Note – this blog does not cover much about my FITNESS journey through pregnancy – that will be completed in a later post. 

I am a dreamer. I am passionate. I am determined and I always see things with a very realistic lens (once the dreams are in check). This means the anxiety and worry did not stop with that positive pregnancy test. In fact, I think it increased and I feel I am in the new mental loop of reminding myself I am okay, I am safe, The baby is safe and this will be a success. Mental Health after IVF is harder that during IVF – personal experience only. Having said this – maybe what I am feeling is the norm for all new mama’s-to-be, again, I feel dropped in the deep end and needing to research fo find my feet. Phew – research is something I can do, there is confidence in that!

Let’s start at the beginning, a little recap: Baby Wright (can’t wait for the new nickname…I have been trying out a lot) has doubled in size this week and is now the size of a blueberry and is 1/2 an inch long. It still has a tale but is starting to form hands and feet from its developing arms and legs. We have made it to the end of Week 7 with almost no symptoms (well my husband would probably say otherwise…).


The Symptoms

  1. Emotions run a little higher – I cried when Josh ate one of my Twix Bars without sharing. I feel like crying at some commercials – or just for no reason. Then, I thank the Estrogen and change the channel.
  2. Cravings (or the lack there of) – I just am not into food. I do not want for any food – but eat because I know I need to. The beginning of week 7 I was feeling really goo eating fruit, high protein yoghurt and lots of small snacks. The end of Week 7 – I am lucky if I get a row of crackers in! I will take the lack of food over the nausea ANYDAY.
  3. Dizziness/Lightheadedness – this is a new one as of Thursday and I do not love it. I walk 15 minutes and feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest and I need to pause for a few breaths. This is just NOT cool with me and my fitness – however it is another reminder to slow down and not push myself. The doctor said this is likely due to low iron (not surprising for me) so we will have blood tests this weekend.
  4. The Fatigue – this has to be the most RUDE of all symptoms. What a disruption that I was not prepared for. This was bad in week 6 – but week 7 you have just been cruel. As a go-go-gadget kind of gal I can wake up at 4:30 power through classes, see my OT clients, afternoon classes then sit with Netflix for an hour. This gal then slides into bed at 9, head hits the pillow and I am out cold. It WAS bliss. Now, I wake up at 4:30 feeling fresh, make it through till 1 and feel like someone has sucked all the life out of me. A cake that goes flat out of the oven. A kite that just won’t stay in the air. 1pm – 3pm I have to ankle weights making each step soooooo haarrdd. Sound dramatic – it is for me! When I am home you will find me feet up with the laptop open and no work going on. Then, 4pm rolls around and the wind has picked back up and I am ready to go till 8pm.


Life After the Positive Test 

Now, while trying to manage all these new symptoms and simply there are the DAILY choices I have to remind myself to keep myself pregnant. This includes, no more quick food runs or quick sandwiches from the local cafe, watching the cup of tea intake – and ensuring I am drinking enough water. Then there is remember the 3x daily meds! Phew it is a full -time job. I thought once we were discharged the craziness of IVF would end – it does not.

Then….there are birth choices, OBGYN choices (we will be staying with Dr. Beata), scan bookings, midwife options, referrals to the various birth programs you may be after. AND someone said I need to start thinking of daycares…DAYCARES! I am just trying to get to 12 weeks is what I am constantly screaming in my head. I have made TWO MAJOR changes in my life since we had the positive pregnancy scan – eliminating as many toxins as I can in the way of cleaning product and my water. I have worked REALLY HARD to swap from high-toxic chemicals (think store-bought 1/2 water based anyway) products and my much loved Bleach, as well as swapping from ANYTHING plastic to glass. I have written more about this in my LIVING CLEAN IN PREGNANCY blog.

Thank goodness for Fertility Yoga. These classes and this program kept me sane through transfers and infertility – now it is keeping me sane through the first trimester.

Fun – Facts about Week 7 Pregnancy: 

  1. The development of the baby’s mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes kicked into high gear last week, this week they are starting to look more and more defined (CUTE)
  2. New brain cells at a rate of 100 per minute (smart cookie)
  3. Baby’s lifeline – Umbilical cord, welcome to the womb! This tube joins baby and placenta, delivering oxygen and nutrients and even eliminating waste into your bloodstream.

    4. The mucus plug develops – The  mucus plug debuts at the week’s close, settling into the opening of your cervix. This natural cork seals and protects your womb from bacteria.
    5. Webbed hands and feet – Baby-to-be has developed web-like hand and feet stubs. Soon enough, hands will grow and change to have fingers and toes, but right now, they look like little paddles.
    6. The kidneys are in place now, too, and are poised to begin their important work of waste management. Soon, your baby will start producing urine.



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