The Pyjama Day Fundraiser

This year we participated in the National Pyjama Day Foundation Fundraiser! This is a cause that is near-dear to my heart as a paediatric occupational therapist. This program pairs foster children with Pyjama Angels (volunteers) who meet with them weekly to help build their confidence, literacy skills, social skills and simply give them support! 

This year we raised over $25o dollars in funding as well as a box of toys/arts/crafts for the angels to use! Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Nutrition Workshop with Emma

Saturday saw AWPilates host their first nutrition workshop exclusively for our members!! This was hosted by @CrispNutrition with dietitian/personal health coach Emma.

Emma was a wonderful wealth of knowledge while she spoke with us about health/nutrition fads (the good, the bad and the weird), she de-bunked health and nutrition myths (such as breakfast being the most important meal of the day), and she explained how every single body is different and has different health needs.

We all gained something different from this workshop – and our members are looking forward to Part 2 in April!

AWPilates January Social Event

This year we launched our 2021 Social Events calendar for our members. These are a chance to get together, ditch the activewear, and enjoy an afternoon together!
We see one another on the mat weekly and these events are a chance to get to know one another to build our little community!

January was our first Paint & Sip Afternoon with an artist to help and snacks to keep us full! We can’t wait for the next one.

Connect with Our Tribe

This community is free to access during this time. All information is in our Facebook Group AWP – All Things Wellness.


Everything from Breakfast to Dessert & Coffee to Cocktails.

Sharing love through food!

Online Classes

Everything from Beginners Pilates to stretching.

See you on the Mat!


Meditation, Essential Oils and building our best-selves through various workshops & community involvement