IVF Journey Week 2 – The pathway down fertility treatments

So in a previous post – I finally shared the news I have been keeping to myself …. we are an IVF family. These blogs are my way of sharing our need to embark on a strange (kind of exciting) but mostly terrifying journey to get the family we have been waiting for for 3 years. So, let’s start with “how did you know you needed IVF?” 

Let’s step back to November 30, 2018 – hello wedding day! This was a most anticipated day, and it was beautiful! Josh (hubby and patiently-waiting-dad-to-be) and I had already been through our rollercoaster relationship which included a lot of time spent as a fly-in-fly out couple, living with family, grad school (for me) and finally a long-haul move to Townsville. This move meant a new home, new friends, new careers and a whole new world. This was a VERY exciting time and the best time to start our family.


Over the past 3 years we have been TTC (trying to conceive) with no luck. We spent a year trying naturally with every slightly delayed arrival of my flow was a heart-swell. After the birth of our godson (Theo) in 2019 we realised that natural conception was not working for us and we needed help. This little boy lit up our world and I was beyond proud to be asked to be his god-mama (and Josh is his godfather). I knew at once this little boy was going to be loved beyond words and I was more determined than ever to have our family. I still believed we could have a baby naturally. I wanted the surprise of a natural conception….I wanted to wake up one day and just “be” pregnant, be able to surprise my husband in one of the many ways I had planned since we were married. Well… forward to a “let’s just see an OBGYN for a check up” and the next few months were a HUGE hurdle.

The short version is we went through 6+ appointments with our OBGYN (Dr. Beata here in Townsville) and about 4 rounds of blood tests, 2 invasive ultrasounds and so many moments of hurry up and wait…..we started with timed conception and trigger shots. I have NEVER showed anyone (but my mum) these photos….I took them hoping I would not need to share them, worried to share them, and hoping it would never go any further. I kept these moments 100% private and continued exercising and teaching. I refused to let this step detract from our natural baby process. These are only SOME of the shots that I took during this time.

Fast forward a few months and many trips to the pharmacy, numerous cups of tea and my husband running to and from the microwave with heat packs we are still on our journey to little baby Wright. Let me say – no one tells you about trigger shots and the effects they have on the body. I used OVIDREL. This medication is the standard trigger shot contains the same thing: human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). You might better know hCG as the “pregnancy hormone.” When used as a trigger shot, however, hCG works more like the luteinizing hormone (LH) that is produced in our pituitary glands. LH is secreted right before ovulation and is responsible for preparing the eggs to mature and then burst out from the ovary.

We were told to use this medication at a specific day and time, then specific day and time for intercourse following. We went through every old-wives tale you could think of. Legs up for a while, specific teas, all the supplements, essential oils and eating a lot of fish! These are painless to inject – I froze the heck out of my belly first and did them myself (since hubby was out of town). The injection was not so bad, the bloat post-injection…it was horrible. It felt like I had eaten 3 full loaves of white soft bread!! I was dizzy some of the time, and the fatigue was real – but I was able to teach and find the energy. We did a few rounds – then the OBGYN decided a few more tests were needed for both of us. The short (and less yucky version) we have unexplained infertility ….. so fast-forward to January 2021 and the OBGYN says we can try IUI before IVF. YAAAAAAAA!!!

The inner voice of me screams HELL YES ….. let’s do it. We then waited for 8 (long) weeks to get extra testing through Monaish IVF and the phone call comes in on a Friday afternoon from the OBGYN to say IVF is starting that day. There was no warning, no lead up, no preparation – just “pick up your prescription and start today”. Someone said to me once, doctors only tell us what we need to know. That is fair, but for me – I need to know the whole process up front!

Well, that is the short hand version of how we reached full-blown IVF process today. The past 7 days I have had to wrap my mind around a whole process that has taken an lot of googling, reading other forums and ringing a few people I know. Where am I at —–> 100% no closer to knowing what to expect than I did 7 days ago. Throughout this process I plan to share my diet, exercise and mental health (and what is working – and not) including all the meds they have me taking. My goal is to shed way more light on this whole process to make it more known, more accepted a lot less confronting for other couples than it has been for me.

We have an amazing community here in Townsville, I refuse to go through this process alone. I will find my tribe in al this. We will be successful. We will build a phenomenal community around us!

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