Happy, Healthy Holidays 2019

As the holidays approach we seem to get a little busier before we allow ourselves a chance to stop. During the holidays it is important to disconnect from the outside world and allow your mind, body and spirit to relax. Time away from work, chores and errands allows us time to reflect on the healthy exercise and nutritional habits you have worked hard to achieve this year. With a little more free time up your sleeve this holiday season, there is no better time to sneak in a quick 15- minutes of Pilates to keep the mind and body fresh (and fabulous!)

One of the most important things a fitness instructor taught me a few years ago was “listen to your body” while in the holiday season. If you feel like moving – go for a short walk; or run through my favourite 15-minutes session below. If your body is asking for rest; take a few minutes to stretch or curl up and read a book. Both movement and rest are okay; we need both to feel rested throughout the holidays in prep for 2020!! As a Pilates teacher (and someone who “burns the candle at both ends” according to my husband, I like to include the following FOUR exercises into my daily routine while on holidays. This routine usually includes a light walk outside with the pup or the Saturday morning Park Run’s at NorthShore (feel free to join me one Saturday!)

The exercises focus on core strength and mental/physical balance:

  1. Cat cow
  2. Roll downs (with optional hamstring stretch)
  3. Thread the needle / book openings
  4. Chest lift & it’s many variations

Wishing everyone a happy & healthy holiday season!!

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