Does Pilates REALLY help you to loose weight?

Pilates as part of a healthy lifestyle program and help maintain a healthy body weight. It helps burn calories but not as many as a cardio based class which will increase the heart rate a lot more. Pilates is my all – time favourite and a very popular low-impact exercise. It’s effective for toning up, building lean muscle, and improving posture. If you have an injury – that is okay; we can work around it! If you have poor flexibility – that is okay; we can work on that and guarantee improve this. If you think you are “too busy” – that is okay as well…We can work through being more mind-full and take time to slow down.

Before I trained as a Pilates instructor I was always looking at the latest fitness trends and fashion diets. I can guarantee I have tried many of them including Jenny Craig; Herbalife, Curves and a Keto Diet for a while. Sure; all of these gave me instant results and I fit the jeans a little better; but none of them offered me a feeling of muscle control over my body with a sense of pride over what my body could do for me. Then, once I trained regularly in Pilates I was amazed with the toning results (after about 12 weeks of training). I loved that I could move slow through each exercise; and I could feel the right muscle groups working. I loved the freedom I felt within each exercise because I did not have to “do it” the same way as the participant on the mat next to me. These exercises were my journey and that could look like whatever I wanted! This is what I strive to share with all my members and anyone who decides to give Mat Pilates a try for the first time. If your goal is weight loss, try combining Pilates with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise. Alternate Pilates with strength training and other forms of cardio exercise such as walking, swimming, running, or cycling. A study on women aged 30-50 years old who participated in a pilates mat class approximately three times a week for 8 weeks, showed significant decrease in weight, BMI, fat percentage, waist, abdomen and hip circumference.

The Research Results:

In 2015; a study was conducted with postmenopausal women aged 59 to 66 years old found that 12 weeks of practicing mat Pilates resulted in no change in body composition; however the

participants achieved increase abdominal, upper, and lower limb strength. It was concluded that no change in body composition was noted because diet was not controlled throughout the study.

Case Studies through the Body Art Science Institute conclude that Pilates may be effective for chronic low back pain and other injury rehabilitation. These are not funded research projects and do require more investigation.

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