Clean Eating & Clean Home Sustainability

Clean Home & Clean Eating

I love a clean home – and have tried MANY products over the years that are “all natural” or “environmentally friendly” – honestly I have never been happy with any of them. Now even though it is the early days of pregnancy – I can really sense different smells and I am highly sensitive to them. I can now place smells into one of two categories:

  1. smells that are absurdly offensive and make me gag (eg., food, smoke, farts) and
  2. smells that are overpoweringly fragrant and give me piercing headaches (eg., perfumes, shampoo, CLEANING PRODUCTS)

A Naturopath (way back when) said to me that everything I expose myself too, ultimately, the developing baby will also be exposed to; this includes the air you breathe, the food you eat, and even the products you use every day. I made A LOT of changes during our IVF cycles to ensure I was keeping myself as healthy and chemical free as possible – this is where I finally committed 100% to having a NORWEX home. Now let me start by saying this – I am not a rep, I do not sell it – I just buy A LOT of it – and love it. I have been buying the enviro/kitchen cloths for about 6-months, then I moved to the window and dusting cloths and have been trying their laundry detergent for a while.

So let me break down my CLEAN EATING & CLEAN HOME loves below…


  • Eat organic. High levels of pesticides have been associated with developmental delays and lower IQ. When possible (and affordable) I try and choose organic produce, protein and dairy products. I also try and vary the protein sources so there is variety.
  • Choose glass over plastic. This goes for cooking, re-heating and drinking! I firmly believe in never reheating food in plastic containers since these can leach hormone disrupting chemicals into your food. This leaching can occur even faster and to a greater degree when plastic is exposed to heat. I strongly recommend oping for glass containers & drinking vessels when possible. My favourite GLASS brands:
    • LUXEY CUP BONUS – they are Australian owned & made + earth friendly. 
    • FRANK & GREEN (ceramic – not glass but still a fabulous bottle)
  • Stop cooking with Teflon coated non-stick pans. Teflon releases perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) when exposed to high heat. PFOA is linked to developmental harm and cancer. Cook with cast iron or stainless steel pans.
  • Washing the fruits & vegetables ALWAYS. In most instances, from both a practical and safety perspective, a good rinse in fresh water is enough – but I am determined to not eat any more chemical born foods than I need to. Have you ever noticed how water bounces off broccoli – ya, I don’t think that is suppose to happen. Listeria is another bacteria that can cause food poisoning and is particularly dangerous to vulnerable people (young, old and immunocompromised) and unborn babies. While it is usually found in soft cheeses and other delicatessen-style products, it has been associated with fruit salad and was responsible for an outbreak associated with rockmelon consumption in Australia in 2018.


  • Time to stop using conventional cleaning products. Certain chemicals in cleaning products are linked to reduced fertility, birth defects and asthma.  Even if someone else is cleaning your home, the fumes from conventional cleaners can linger for days.  If you suffer from asthma or environmental allergies, you will LOVE the amazing cleaning powers of the Enviro Cloth NORWEX and a little water.
    • My loved NORWEX products (with some ordered today!!) 
      • Enviro-Cloth 
      • Vegetable Cleaning Bottle & Cloth (having seen FIRST HAND what is washed off my fruit makes me re-think the pesticides sprayed on commercial fruits) 
      • Kitchen Cloths 
      • Laundry Soap (( have witnessed what this can do to clean microfibre and I was MORTIFIED at how much they had picked up) 
      • I am very excited to try the ENVIRO baby cloths.
  • Be careful with dry cleaning. That sweet smell that comes from dry cleaned clothes is a chemical called PERC.  PERC is considered as a top chemical linked to breast cancer.  What to do?  Look for an organic dry cleaner and ask if they use PERC (some cleaners claim to be organic and still use the chemical).  When this is not an option, reduce your dry cleaning and air out the clothes before hanging in your closet or wearing them.
  • Stop using air fresheners. Instead, open the windows. Most air fresheners contain fragrance chemicals that mimic hormones and affect the reproductive system of unborn babies. Alternatively fill the diffuser with water & your favourite essential oil and push start!

My reasons why I committed to Norwex:

  1. 1. Clean using only water – and still remove 99% of bacteria! This means I do not need to spray the counter over and over again (and that leaves it feeling streaky and grimy – never actually clean).
  2. We can stop using and wasting paper towels (and killing trees) – cloths are reusable for years and many of them are made from recycled plastic!
  3. They are overall healthier – they reduce the toxic chemicals in your home and that you put into the environment.
  4. Save money!  Norwex looks pricey up front, but since you can clean using just water and reuse the cloths again and again it will save you a ton on cleaners and buying paper towels.
  5. It is just WAY more simple for me to leave a functional cloth in every room so I never have to haul a cleaning bucket around the house. This means cleaning happens in the 15-minutes it takes to brush my teeth or load the dishwasher!

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