Class Descriptions

Beginner Barre 

These barre-based classes use a combination of postures inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates. We use the barre as a prop to balance with exercises focusing on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. We often incorporates light handheld weights and a small ball to target our muscle toning. The music is fun & upbeat sure to get you sweating! 

Our Beginner Barre class will suit beginners to intermediate.  Great for all levels and ages.

Pilates SCUPLT 

High on burn, low-moderate on difficulty, this class steps up the intensity.  Suitable for beginners to advanced, work at a higher pace to improve muscle tone and strength by introducing weight and increasing repetitions.  Use small balls, resistance bands, hand weights to achieve a traditional full body Pilates class with maximum intensity and burn. Suitable for beginner to advanced, connect with every muscle and make it burn.  

Pilates HiiT

Packed full of high and low intensity full body exercises. The High Intensity Bursts are matched with a slower muscle activation exercise. This focuses the body and mind on the correct techniques and muscle patterns required in the high intensity bursts. This class is quick, fun, and high energy, we do use small equipment such as light hand-weights, bands and bodyweight! This class ensures the exercises put low strain on the tendons and joints whilst working the body to a high intensity with a focus on the core Pilates principle exercises. Not suitable if you have any injuries, heart conditions or have difficulty getting up/down off the floor. 


Fitball class is the perfect Pilates – blend workout, combining our graceful Pilates postures with specific muscle and core conditioning. This class pays attention not only to major muscle groups, but is also focused on forming alignment and strength with smaller muscle groups

If you’ve been doing Pilates for a while you may have found yourself in an ‘exercise comfort zone’ and this class will challenge you right out of that zone!

Pilates POWER

Build on the skills developed in beginner Pilates with this intermediate to advanced level class. Learn new tricks and improve your skills with an intense and high paced class that in includes the intermediate – advanced level Pilates repertoire, taught exclusively by a senior teacher. Perfect isolation and control and see your body change with this highly sought after intermediate/advanced Pilates mat class.  To attend this class you must be able to roll up and roll over and have minimum 6 months experience at a beginner level.  

Yin Yoga

A completely rejuvenating class, designed to slow the mind, body and breath down with a whole lot of self-love. This class draws all the lengthening and stretching principles of dance, yoga and Pilates; it is the perfect complement to the rest of our timetable. This class focuses on holding our postures for 3-5 minutes with the purpose of stretching our connective tissue and reconnecting with our body. Suitable for all members this is the perfect class to decompress and ease into sleep! This class will suit everyone.  Great for all levels and ages.

Revitalizing Vinyasa

Move your body midday with a creatively sequenced all-levels vinyasa flow designed to create heat in the body and revitalize your being. All levels are welcome. Vinyasa translates to “flowing with breath” and joins physical postures (asanas) with inhales and exhales creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice.

Barre Sculpt

Did someone day dance!? and no experience or coordination needed. This class blends the poise of Pilates with the foundations of Ballet and the flow of a Yoga class. Low intensity but high burn with the use of bodyweight exercises, light hand weights and small props delivers a beautifully dynamic class. This class features isometric holds with intervals to increase the heart rate followed by a wonderful hip/leg stretch at the end. This is the perfect class for grace & fun and a little sweat! This class will suit everyone, and exercises can be modified – however if you have any knee/ankle/hop issues please discuss this with your instructor.  Great for all levels and ages.

Pilates In The Park (Community Classes)

We are proud to host a series of Community Classes right here in Bushland Beach. These are a drop-in class run outdoors (in the shade) with the sound of the ocean complementing our movements. These classes are entry level Pilates classes designed for all levels and ages. No bookings are needed.  Simply come to class, bring a mat and some water.   

Are you ready to start your wellness journey?