About AWPilates & Wellness Centre

About the studio

Anne Wright Pilates & Wellness is a multi-focus Pilates center located in beautiful Bushland Beach with classes around North Shore. This boutique space offers a variety of Pilates, Yoga and Wellness classes within a warm and welcoming environment. 

 We offer a variety of Mat Pilates, Private Lessons, and Community Programs along with a variety of workshops focused on our health and wellbeing.  At AWPilates we strongly believe in creating a supportive health and wellness environment with an interest in social community involvement and giving back to our community. 

Throughout our day-to-day activities, we form habits (which are not always positive – think “texting neck”.) This can lead to a loss of our body awareness, which then leads to all sorts of weird and (not so) wonderful body positions. Over time, this may increase muscle tightness, pain and discomfort, which we come to think of as “normal.” Pilates is a process of helping to correct some of these habits and helps overcome discomfort and improve your functional movement. It makes you feel better, sleep better and move with increased strength and confidence.

We endeavour to create a studio that encourages and facilitates a connection between our mind and our body while being tailored to everyone’s individual needs. 

Meet the Team

Meet Anne

I am the primary teacher and owner of AWPilates & Wellness Centre! Having received my training with BASI in the Global Apparatus Program with an extensive background in sport and rehabilitation science, I have continued to extended my Pilates training to include small equipment, CoreAlign and functional training.

In addition to teaching, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology/Human Movement with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. I have experience working in post-operative rehab, neurological rehabilitation and Pilates for children & young adults.

My passion is to share my knowledge and love of Pilates; along with the benefits it provides for physical, mental and emotional well-being. I offer classes in an upbeat, cozy atmosphere, and warmly welcoming everyone to join us! I strongly believe this is a versatile practice that will transform both the mind and body.

Meet Wendy

Hello, my name is Wendy and I am a group fitness instructor in Townsville. For the past five years, I have had the rewarding job of teaching babies, children, and adults to swim.

Spending many years suffering from sciatica, I could only find relief through regular exercise and movement. This is where I discovered my passion, so I decided to become a group fitness instructor to use my skills, experience and personal journey to help others.

After completing a Certificate III in Fitness, I moved on to teach water aerobics and became eager to learn more. Currently working through a Certificate IV in Personal Training, I aim to eventually study Exercise Physiology.

I care about my clients, and there is nothing more important to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, confident, and strong.

Using various props, my classes focus on increasing functional strength, flexibility, and balance to reduce injuries. Moving with your breath through core strength exercises and deep stretching, you will walk away with improved coordination, tone, and posture.

Sandra Lamari

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years, completing my yoga 500hr yoga teacher training in 2018 and Yoga Therapy training in 2017 in the style of the breath lead, Viniyoga, based on the teachings of T. Krisnamacharya where students focus on their own practice and experience of yoga. 

The aim is to develop a connection of the smooth and subtle breath, with the steadiness and ease movement to help calm the fluctuations of the mind, maintaining wholeness, health and balance.

Modifications are offered to personalise the practice to meet where the students are at the time.

I am a mum living with my 3 kids and husband in Burdell. When I am not teaching yoga or studying for my Masters of Meditation, I like to think of myself as an avid gardener (sometimes unsuccessfully), as well as beekeeper. I am a regular hiker and have been lucky enough to get to many of the stunning, sometimes hidden places around the Townsville area.

Suzanne Ayris

Suzanne is Belly Dancer/ teacher and discovered her love for Belly Dance after moving from the UK and looking for dance classes to attend after studying ballet and tap whilst in the UK. She has studied under Belly Dance collective Director Cara Griffin and performs with the performance troupe regularly.

Suzanne has also taken the opportunity to train with many other dancers from around both Australia and the world over the past few years, and is currently studying for the Heart of Bellydance dance teacher certification. Suzanne discovered Jallabina workout several years ago and undertook the instructor training becoming the first Bellydancer in Australia to become a licensed Jallabina Instructor and bringing this fun dance workout to Australia and is very excited to share it here with everyone.


What Do I Wear to Class?

Short answer – whatever you are comfortable in. Preferably something stretchy or loose you can move in. Socks are optional.

Men – please ensure you wear sport boxers under your shorts if they are baggy.

How many classes should I do?

The more classes you do, the quicker you will see and feel the results. However, we understand time can be limiting; we recommend starting with 2 and progressing from there.

How much does it cost?

Class prices vary. Please contact us for further information.

Can I come if I am injured?

Yes of course! Pilates was founded on movement for injured bodies. We can modify and adapt any exercise for any injury.

What do I bring with me?

You will need a mat and a towel. We recommend water, especially if you are attending an outdoor session.

Do I need to be fit to join?

Not at all! We can build strength, flexibility, posture and wellness through all stages of fitness. If you are just starting out, we recommend our Beginner’s classes for a start.

Are you ready to start your wellness journey?