About AWPilates & Wellness Centre

About the studio

Anne Wright Pilates & Wellness is a multi-focus Pilates centre located in beautiful Bushland Beach. Our boutique space offers a variety of Pilates, Yoga and Barre classes within a warm and welcoming environment. Our classes are suitable for all ages, and fitness levels. We work to ensure you have a complete experience from the moment you walk in the door….to the moment you leave. Every class ends with a complimentary cup of tea/coffee to enhance your practice!

We are proud of offer Mat Pilates, Barre Fitness and Yoga Classes with a diverse timetable to meet all your fitness needs! 


Semi-private/private lessons      Corporate Pilates     NDIS support     Group Fitness    Kids Classes 


At AWPilates we strongly believe in creating a supportive health and wellness environment with an interest in social community involvement and giving back to our community. 


At AWPilates we proudly support Australian Made products that enhance your experience and support a healthy lifestyle.

With a large range of products, including essential oils organic and all natural tea + all your Pilates equipment including mats, barre balls and bands.  Whatever your current mindset, stage of life, or spirituality, we have a product that you will love.

If you make/develop a product and you would love to share it with your community….we offer all our local businesses a chance to display their products in the studio and share the local love. 

All products are hand made here in Australia. 

We endeavour to create a studio that encourages and facilitates a connection between our mind and our body while being tailored to everyone’s individual needs. 

Meet the Team

Meet Anne

Hello, I am Anne! The owner and principal instructor of AWPilates & Wellness Centre and I am very passionate about what I do. Exercise was not always something that came easy (mentally or physically) to me however, I grew up with a love of dancing and dance till my early 20’s. A knee injury at that time, meant taking a break from dancing – and I started a battle with her weight for 7 years before finding the Pilates/Barre/Yoga trio which took me back to a healthy weight, lifestyle and re-ignited my passion for movement. Every single day I am grateful for my health, body and movement.


Over the past few years, I have tried nearly every type of exercise including martial arts, bootcamps, gyms, running (this is the only one she still loves) – but all of them were missing the most important part of exercise. The mind-body connection. Our brain is directly connected to the muscles of our body through the nervous system – when we train, we are training our bodies AND our mind to support this system and our physical health. 


I pride myself in meeting PAA standards in training with ongoing professional development annually. I have been trained with BASI (Body Art Science Institute) in a globally recognized program which includes all apparatus of Pilates. I hold my degree in Sport Science/Exercise Physiology and a Master’s in Occupational Therapy. I have been teaching Pilates for 7 years in a mixed case load including group fitness, rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, sport specific, men’s only, mum’s & pups and Yoga/Pilates for children. This diverse background and knowledge means I am able to modify and adapt classes for all ages and fitness levels and keep everyone moving how their bodies are most comfortable – not to how it should look. 


When I am not on the mat, or in the studio, I work as an NDIS Occupational Therapist with an adult mental health and paediatric case load. I have been able to blend my love of movement, the extensive benefits of breathwork and our mind-body connection with adults and children alike even when they are at their most unsettled.

Other training includes: 

  • BootyBarre (international recognized Ballet-Barre fitness program) 
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training including Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga 
  • Power of the Ball Training Levels 1 & 2 
  • Pregnancy for all Stages, PAA recognized with Louise Taube


My passion is to share my knowledge and love of Pilates; along with the benefits it provides for physical, mental and emotional well-being. I offer classes in an upbeat, cozy atmosphere, and warmly welcoming everyone to join us! I strongly believe this is a versatile practice that will transform both the mind and body.


What Do I Wear to Class?

Short answer – whatever you are comfortable in. Preferably something stretchy or loose you can move in. Socks are optional.

Men – please ensure you wear sport boxers under your shorts if they are baggy.

How many classes should I do?

The more classes you do, the quicker you will see and feel the results. However, we understand time can be limiting; we recommend starting with 2 and progressing from there.

How much does it cost?

Class prices vary. Please contact us for further information.

Can I come if I am injured?

Yes of course! Pilates was founded on movement for injured bodies. We can modify and adapt any exercise for any injury.

What do I bring with me?

You will need a mat and a towel. We recommend water, especially if you are attending an outdoor session.

Do I need to be fit to join?

Not at all! We can build strength, flexibility, posture and wellness through all stages of fitness. If you are just starting out, we recommend our Beginner’s classes for a start.

Are you ready to start your wellness journey?